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Bernard Bernoulli is a character in the first and second Maniac Mansion games. He is a nerd who specializes in fixing electronics. He lacks guts and is easily terrified.

He is the president of the physics club of the State University and winner of the college's Geek Award. His phone # is 555-1902.

Someone apparently left in his room a radio to repair it, and then Bernard put an announcement at the corkboard that it is fixed. Bernard seems to be in need for dating tips: he has bought How to pick up Girls (which he used only once) and How to kiss a Girl which he never opened (obviously never got that far). It seems like he was disappointed ant put them on sale on the corkboard.

Maniac Mansion[]

In the first game, Bernard has more capabilities than any other kid. He can fix the telephone in the library to call Edna Edison using the tools. He can also fix the radio in Fred Edison's room which is used to call the Meteor Police by using the Radio Tube.

Several other points make Bernard more well-developed than the other characters.

  • He is terrified and attempts to leave outside the Mansion but Dave Miller persuades him to stay to save Sandy Pantz.
  • Bernard is terrified of the Green Tentacle and will run away if he is the first kid to encounter him on the 3F landing.
  • He is the only character whose portrait changes when he is selected in the beginning of the game: he takes an astonished expression.
  • In versions of the game featuring the steel security door, if Bernard reads the warning sign he will attempt to crack the security system, fail, and make the house explode.

Day of the Tentacle (Maniac Mansion 2)[]

By the second game, Bernard is seen living with his friends, Hoagie and Laverne. The second game establishes that he is a "canonical" character of the first game. His default inventory item is the Chicago Manual on Thermodynamic Flux Design.

While Bernard was finishing his noes on the Unified Field Theory, Green Tentacle sends with the hamster a message to Bernard that Dr. Fred has them tied up. The three kids revisit the Mansion. He finds the Doctor's lab and unties the two tentacles, however he was unaware that the Purple Tentacle was mutated.

When Dr. Fred's Chron-O-John fails, Bernard is stranded on the present and has to find a true diamond to repair it and bring his friends to the present.

After the adventure, he narrated it on the KLUC local cable access show My Greatest Physics Adventure.


  • Oozo the Bop-em Clown is a terrifying image from his childhood.
  • According to the hint-bok, funnels have been lucky items for the Bernoullis.
  • He also minored in psychology, which helped him drive the future Purple Tentacle to fire against Dr. Ed.