Dave Miller is the main character in Maniac Mansion. Whereas other characters are selectable, Dave is always the default. Despite this, he has no special abilities.

Dave is a college student who is dating Sandy. When Sandy was kidnapped by Dr. Fred, Dave was able to rally two of his friends to aid him in a rescue mission, whereby they broke into the Edison Mansion.


  • In the NES version of the game, a fake "snapshot" of a corkboard from Dave's unnamed college is shown, which is included along with the vade mecum. It contains some disguised hints. Two announcements that are not hints where Dave leaves a message appealing for help as he saw Sandy kidnapped from cheerleading practice. Another is a bumper sticker saying "DAVE MILLER FOR CLASS PRESIDENT", along with graffiti that reads "Dave is a tuna head!"
  • If Dave is killed during the game, there is an extra dialogue line in the epilogue, where Dr. Fred apologizes to Sandy and offers to reanimate him as a zombie.
  • Dave, along with Sandy, makes an appearance in Ron Gilbert's Thimbleweed Park game. He is shown as a cook at their diner.
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