Ed Edison aka Weird Ed is the son of Dr. Fred Edison and Edna Edison. He likes modelling craft and has great love for his pet hamster.

Maniac MansionEdit

He seems worried that his father has not eaten/slept for five years and his new weird interests such as collecting dead bodies to the basement for his evil experiments although his mother doesn't condone his worries. Ed started suspecting the influence of the evil Meteor on his father's mind.

Hoping to get rid of him, he ordered a commando pack to make an assault in the Doctor's lab and destroy the meteor.

At the beginning Ed comes to the kitchen looking for cheese. Ed can catch a kid when anyone enters his room, including if he meets a kid on his way to the door when his package arrives.


  • If a kid steals his hamster and then returns it to him, he will befriend that kid for life.
  • If Michael develops the Undeveloped Film, Ed's friend can give him the Prints. This will help him get rid of the Purple Tentacle.
  • If Syd or Razor kills the hamster in the microwave oven and a kid gives its remains to Ed, he will return the favor to that kid's life.

Day of the TentacleEdit

The kidnapping of his hamster and robbing of his piggy bank were those traumatic experiences which, according to his pychiatrist, made him block out that era from his memory. By the second game he is seeing having stamp collecting as a hobby.

Bernard Bernoulli pretends to spoil his album with invisible ink which enrages Ed and throws the album violently at him, helping Bernard to get a stamp. Then he returns the album with the ink gone advising Ed to control his anger.


"He hasn't eaten in 5 years [...] and he's been bringing those bodies, and he carries those bodies to the basement at night."

Ed's conversation with his mother mentions that his father hasn't eaten for five years, which Nintendo found suggestive of cannibalism in the NES version of the game (although it was not the actual meaning of the dialogue) thus it was changed to "He hasn't slept in..."[1]

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