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Edna Edison is the wife of Dr. Fred Edison and mother of "Weird" Ed Edison. It seems like she is a retired nurse. Perhaps because of her neglect by her husband, under the influence of the Meteor, she has grown a nymphomaniac and operated a hot line as well as an advice column.

Edna Dearest[]

Edna seems to maintain an advice column, apparently as a means to cope with her loneliness and neglect. For some reason clips of her column are stuck on the State University's corkboard.

She also advertises the free booklet Edna's Phone Etiquette for those who hate making phone calls.

  • "Depressed Decorator in DesMoines" has a problem with a sofa that blocks the front door in their living room. Edna suggests to paint over the unsightly and invoncenient door (there is a door covered by a paint blotch in the mansion).
  • "Heartsick in Harford" suspects her husband for getting mail from another woman. Edna suggests to steam them open, and then put the cheating husband in the microwave.
  • "Wife of Wimp" complains that her kind, generous and well-groomed husband Chuck is "a real ectomorph" which is disgusting. Edna suggests to get him a weight machine for a couple of good pumps.
  • "Ripped-Off in Raleigh" complains about burglars, who steal even the light bulbs. Edna suggests to not leave their key under the doormat, but in places like behind a loose piece of linoleum, or hang it from the ceiling fan, inside the house.

Maniac Mansion[]

She is mostly in her room but lingers in the Mansion. She is seen in a cutscene with Weird Ed, but although she feels neglected by Fred, she seems oblivious of his worries about Fred's condition (or she tries to make Ed feel better). She is first met in the kitchen looking in the refrigerator. She catches any kid she happens to meet and imprisons them in the dungeon.

Her room has a ladder to an attic with a safe and a door to the dungeon. The safe contains a Sealed Envelope with only a Quarter inside it.

Day of the Tentacle[]

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  • The surname Edison doesn't appear in the original MM game.
  • Her lines when catching a kid are sexually suggestive, so for the NES version these were changed to: "You'll be safe here until the police come."; "Just wait until I talk to your mother."; "I have half a good mind to talk to my husband". Similarly her hot line advertisement in Dead Cousin Ted's bathroom was changed and the suggestive "For a good time..." was removed. Finally, her lines on the phone were changed: Edna assumes that it is Ted and starts talking. Her number is unlisted and only Ted has it; this partially explains why Edna's number is written on the wall in Ted's bathroom.[1]